LegendFactory’s Management Service Program provides promotional, managerial and technical support to independent companies on a per project basis. Members of M.S.P benefit from a wide range of programs and resources geared toward empowering performing artist. With a more focused, personal regimen, we help strengthen their creative and administrative development that helps build a long lasting career.

The focus of this program is:

  • Guide artist/managers through ecumenic and administrative burden
  • Create access to resources that aids in artistic needs (venues, sponsorship, etc.)
  • Establish an ongoing network of network of peer support from novice to established executives.

This program helps artists and organizations plan and facilitate performances, classes, workshops and other activities with ease and efficiency.

Per Project Services (Retainer fee required/Flat Rate Available):

  • Publicity/Promotional Services
  • Media Campaign Development/Administration
  • National Tour Press
  • College Radio Promotion
  • Press Packet Evaluation/Re-Design
  • Biographies & Press Releases
  • One sheets for Distribution & Radio
  • Viral Marketing

One-Site Production/Consulting Services (Fee on per project basis):

  • Concerts/Festivals/Special Events
  • Conference Management
  • On-site Home Office/Mobile Office Evaluations & Reorganization
  • Talent Management
  • Tour Management
  • Venue Assessment

Artist Development Services (Retainer fee required/Flat Rate Available):

  • Vocal Coaching
  • Image Assessment
  • Public Speaking
  • OnStage Performance
  • Licensing Placement
  • Brand Consultation
  • Repertoire