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Welcome to Excelsior Music Studio! Our goal is to increase the quality of your life through music in a nurturing and professional way. Over forty years of performance and teaching experience has enabled us to develop teaching methods which embrace students from 2-100 years of age, of all cultures and all walks of life. Our private lessons are tailored to the abilities, needs and goals of the student. Classes and groups are team spirited and open armed. Our mission is to always have you walk away enriched, happy and eager to return!

Applied Theory Fundamentals:

Learn the basics of contemporary theory in a non-threatening way. This course puts you on track, teaching you the chords, progressions and scales that are used for jazz, pop, gospel, hip-hop, salsa and other forms of music. If youʼre heading into any of these forms, this is the theory course for you.

Tuesdays 6-7pm
Sept. 17th – Dec. 17th, 2013

All About Jazz

Learn the inner workings of jazz from a historical perspective. This course traces the influences and situations that have shaped jazz through video, live performance and stories from someone who has “been there.”

Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm
Sept. 17th – Dec. 17th, 2013

Say What?! R&B!

Introduce yourself to the art of singing R&B. Cover R&B, Funk and Thump from 1950-1985 in a fun and supportive environment. We’ll get your “chops” ups with breathing, vocal and ear training exercises at the beginning of each class. A live band will rehearse with you the last 2 weeks with performance at the end of the semester. Come let the Soul monster you’re hiding loose!

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm
Oct. 9th-Dec. 17th, 2013

Vocal Tech 2

Vocal Tech 2 advances the exercises, focusing on placement, projection, presence and articulation. (Private lessons or Vocal Tech 1 required)

Wednesday 7-8pm
Sept. 18th – Dec. 18, 2013

Jazz and Gospel Choir

Come raise your voice and spread some joy with jazz and inspirational music! We are an open-armed musical family – there is NO audition for this 2 hour class. For the first half-hour, breathing, placement and ear training exercises are done, and then repertoire is covered. Each semester ends with a performance with live band. Being able to read music is not required, just a smile and a thirst for FUN!

Tuesdays  7-9pm
Sept. 17th – Dec. 17th, 2013

Music Business Seminars will be offered Spring 2014

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